Each new day seems to bring another wave of change to healthcare, but two things remain the same: physician costs continue to skyrocket while physician reimbursements remain in a downward spiral. Faced with these obstacles, physicians have been forced to adapt. Their natural instinct is to try and increase revenues by seeing more patients and performing more surgeries. However, there are only so many hours in the day. And now, more than ever, physicians must become more business savvy.

Orthokinect has created a program that allows physicians to work smarter instead of harder. Orthokinect accomplishes this by creating and streamlining new ancillary services that can be implemented into any physician’s current practice routine. Orthokinect will boost a physician’s bottom line by utilizing unique, innovative and Medicare-approved techniques and products.

How can physicians increase their compensation without sacrificing lifestyle or running afoul of government regulation? Are physician-controlled outpatient ancillary service clinics an answer? Orthokinect was created to provide physicians the knowledge and tools to generate new revenue sources through ancillary services. We have over 10 years experience with helping physicians create and manage ancillary services such as physical therapy, on-site DME, X-rays, total joint implant solutions, diagnostic/vascular ultrasound and pharmacy dispensing.